About Us 

Local industry and prosperity literally ride on sound transportation and infrastructure. All members of the community, from employers, to emergency responders, to educational institutions, to art & entertainment venues, are directly affected by an aging transportation system. By communicating the current status of the area’s aging bridges, major road projects (222 North and 422 West Shore Bypass) we hope to ensure economic vibrancy and maintain our standard of living for all during the long term construction period.

The Team

The Reading Bridges Workgroup was established as a partnership between the Greater Reading Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the Berks County Commissioners to promote safety, disseminate information, and champion for the community during construction of the Reading bridges and major road projects. The Workgroup has also created alliances with key local partners in order to better serve the community, including:

  • Berks County Planning Department
  • PA Department of Transportation
  • City of Reading
  • West Reading
  • Commuter Services
  • and others (see stakeholder list)