422 West Shore Bypass Reconstruction Project

The project proposes to fully reconstruct and widen SR422 to 6 lanes as well as reconstruct four interchanges including N. Wyomissing Blvd, Penn Street/Penn Avenue, Lancaster Avenue, and I-176. For more information click here.

GRCA and Berks County Commissioners West Shore Bypass Stakeholders Workgroup

  • Identify priorities and concerns of all stakeholders
  • Develop/provide solutions and opportunities
  • Inform and educate members and community
  • Speak with one voice – meet with PennDOT

422 West Shore Bypass project is key to our economic vibrancy, connecting our communities.

Click here to access West Shore Bypass Values Map
Focused On

Business & Community Priorities 

  • Modern, Safe and Efficient Transportation and Infrastructure System
  • Communication: Economic & Community Vibrancy (during construction)
  • Regional Connectivity
  • Workforce Mobility

Pedestrian, Bike, & Trail Access, Safety & Connectivity

  • Connectors to Schuylkill River Trail & Feeder Trails
  • Access to Riverfront both the East & West Shore
  • Sustainable, Aesthetically Pleasing Storm Water Best Management Practices
  • Develop a Seamless, No Conflict Pathway for Bicycle and Pedestrians


Municipal Priorities

  • Access to the Waterfront
  • Connectivity between the Business District, Trails & Park System
  • Maintenance Responsibility
  • Impact the Project will have on Municipal Public Work Facilities
  • Align Municipal Comprehensive Plans


  • Utility Infrastructure Alignment
  • Positioning Street Lighting (maintenance/safety/aesthetics)
  • Appropriate Signage
  • Arts & Entertainment Access
  • Emergency Responders Requirements
  • Education Institutions . . . Others

To learn more about this PennDOT Project visit www. 422westshorebypass.com.

PennDOT 422 Westshore Bypass Project Update Presentation (March 2018)

PennDOT 422 Westshore Bypass Project Briefing (July 2018)

Stay connected for plans!

We will collaborate on events & share insights with regional stakeholders, PennDOT & RATS

  • Arrange for opportunities for our members and community to be informed and engaged in the design & construction process.
  • Enhancing public greenway and recreational opportunities to influence and support professional economic development activities for the region.