422 West Shore Bypass Reconstruction Project

The project proposes to fully reconstruct and widen SR422 to 6 lanes as well as reconstruct four interchanges including N. Wyomissing Blvd, Penn Street/Penn Avenue, Lancaster Avenue, and I-176. For more information click here.

GRCA and Berks County Commissioners West Shore Bypass Stakeholders Workgroup

  • Identify priorities and concerns of all stakeholders
  • Develop/provide solutions and opportunities
  • Inform and educate members and community
  • Speak with one voice – meet with PennDOT

422 West Shore Bypass project is key to our economic vibrancy, connecting our communities.

Focused On

Business & Community Priorities 

  • Modern, Safe and Efficient Transportation and Infrastructure System
  • Communication: Economic & Community Vibrancy (during             construction)
  • Regional Connectivity
  • Workforce Mobility

Pedestrian, Bike, & Trail Access, Safety & Connectivity

  • Connectors to Schuylkill River Trail & Feeder Trails
  • Access to Riverfront both the East & West Shore
  • Sustainable, Aesthetically Pleasing Storm Water Best                   Management Practices
  • Develop a Seamless, No Conflict Pathway for Bicycle and              Pedestrians


Municipal Priorities

  • Access to the Waterfront
  • Connectivity between the Business District, Trails & Park System
  • Maintenance Responsibility
  • Impact the Project will have on Municipal Public Work Facilities
  • Align Municipal Comprehensive Plans


  • Utility Infrastructure Alignment
  • Positioning Street Lighting (maintenance/safety/aesthetics)
  • Appropriate Signage
  • Arts & Entertainment Access
  • Emergency Responders Requirements
  • Education Institutions . . . Others

To learn more about this PennDOT Project visit www. 422westshorebypass.com.

PennDOT 422 Westshore Bypass Project Update Presentation (March 2018)


Stay connected for plans!

We will collaborate on events & share insights with regional stakeholders, PennDOT & RATS

  • Arrange for opportunities for our members and community to be informed and engaged in the design & construction process.
  • Enhancing public greenway and recreational opportunities to influence and support professional economic development activities for the region.