222 N #1 Priority Project

OUR OBJECTIVE:   To ensure our quality of place and enable resident businesses to thrive and expand, in addition to attracting new business      ventures, we recognize we must be involved in making US 222 North a modern, safe, and efficient transportation system. The stakeholders accept the shared responsibility to participate in the policy and solutions process to make US 222 North our # 1 priority road project, a reality.

What is so critical about this connector?

Indeed the expansion of the US Route 222 North corridor is vital to our region’s economic stability, job growth, and quality of life. Additionally the dangerous congestion creates a safety hazard. This 15 mile stretch between Reading and Interstate I-78 remains our #1 priority road project due to its roles as:

Critical Connector

Linking our region to other major metropolitan areas by:

  • Establishing a regional connection between York, Lancaster, Reading, and the Lehigh Valley
  • Connecting local community members from across the area to employment, entertainment, and other activities in Greater Reading

Economic Driver

Driving commerce and economic prosperity by:

  • Playing a key role in moving people, products, and commerce within the region, state and North America
  • Promoting the expansion of regional business initiatives and the creation of new jobs
  • Providing convenient access to key business markets including the DC area and New York City
Regional Initiative

Working with PennDOT, it was determined that a “phased approach” to improve inter-sections on existing road alignment would be the best      method to address congestion and safety issues in advance of future widening to a four or five lane highway to I-78. We were able to receive      funding commitment in the Transportation Plan. Since the passage of Act 89, we have made significant strides in regard to PA transportation     funding. However, we now must advocate for sustainable federal transportation funding to ensure 222 North remains a priority.

Tactical Action Plan

Despite the 222 North’s roles as critical connector and economic driver for the region, it is currently the only portion of 222 that is not a four or five-lane highway. We are focused on mitigating congestion and major safety concern. The section of the highway that funnels four-lane, high-speed truck traffic into two lanes continues to be a notorious safety hazard. We believe a greater focus on the implementation of reasonable and                   consistent regulations is required to expedite projects and promote operational effi-ciencies. Our 222 North Taskforce continues to work with key stakeholders and PennDOT to ensure this remains a priority project.